If you have confidential information, you may be subject to compliance such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and more – What do you do?


  • You can hire an expert, pay a large salary, and get to work
  • You can go to the Internet and try to “figure it out”
  • You can “call a friend” and do what they do

OR you can call Saunders.

We have all the tools, documents, procedures, policies, and controls to make the process easier (not necessarily easy). We will provide the platform you need to manage the entire process, including managing historical records of policy changes, who has signed the documents and when, who has not, and much, much more. See below for a more comprehensive list of services we provide.

Not only do we provide the tools, but we will also guide you through every step of the process. There will be no guessing what is needed or what the next step is.

We have templates of all the policies and procedures you need to implement. You can make changes, if necessary, to match your business.

We hold your hand through the entire process – no guessing.

There is only one thing left to do—fill out the form below, and we will begin with an analysis of your company and the information on the Dark Web at NO CHARGE. We will then discuss the next steps to get you compliant.

Below is a summary of our Compliance Package

Compliance Assessment

  • Assess your current compliance status and identify key requirements.

Custom Compliance Plan

  • Develop a tailored compliance plan with clear actions and responsibilities.

Policy and Procedure Optimization

  • Define your policies and procedures for regulatory and cyber-insurability compliance.

Risk Management

  • Identify and mitigate potential compliance risks.

Employee Training

  • Train your team to understand and fulfill compliance requirements.

Compliance Monitoring & Documentation

  • Maintain comprehensive compliance records.
  • Implement ongoing monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

Incident Response Plan

  • Help ensure preparedness for compliance and/or security breaches.

Auditing and Reporting

  • Conduct compliance audits and generate required reports.

Data Security and Privacy

  • Help ensure compliance with specific requirements for protecting sensitive data with appropriate data access controls, encryption, and data retention policies.

Vendor Management

  • Support compliance-related assessment and screening of vendors, contractors, and other relevant third parties.
  • Systematize vendor compliance assessments where appropriate to maintain accountability and security.

Regulatory Updates

  • Track changes in compliance requirements and update your compliance mechanisms accordingly.


  • Provide continuous support for compliance issues and emergencies.

Status Reporting

  • Deliver regular compliance status reports to track progress and drive continuous improvement.