Computer support and security - for small companies

Our focus is to help small and home based business with all their computer, email, security and other needs. We do this by providing enterprise level support at prices that a small business can afford. We have been doing this for 32+ years and would love to help you.

Saunders Business Solutions

All the features you want for care free computing or for doing-it-yourself

Finally, computer support designed for small and home-based business. So we provide the same level of support as large corporate IT staffs offer to the corporate employees. Therefore with Saunders Business Solutions, you pay one low very affordable price per month for everything or we can provide the tools for you to handle it yourself.

CAP-IT Managed Backup

You choose the level of backup you need for your system. Then we will install, configure and monitor it for you.

CAP-IT Managed Antivirus

PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award - 3 years straight and you don't even have to install or configure it. We handle it all for you.

CAP-IT Security

We have four very affordable levels of computer security/support. Therefore all of our programs are designed to make your life easier.

Do-It-Yourself Services

Some of you would prefer to Do-It-Yourself. Great, we have that also including Domains, Email, Website Hosting and much more.

Here is what our customers are saying.


Probably the "Bad Guys" want something you have on your computer. Also, they might want the use of your computer as a server to send out their bad stuff. You will never know it unless you check or have someone check. Most of all, the consequences can be bad. Check out www.KrebsOnSecurity.com

Would you like more information?

Your first decision is, do you want it all handled for you or do you want to Do-It-Yourself? Then click the menu option at the top of this page. Most of all, we at Saunders Business Solutions will do everything possible to make computing EASY.

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