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All experts agree, PASSWORDS are your number one defense against security threats. Nobody likes them - they are a pain. We have a PDF document that tells you how to create an easy to remember password system that will give you the ability to have a different password for every program and website without having to write it down.


It is time to take off the gloves and fight for what is yours! I am talking about your computer’s security.

We are under attack and many people do not know it or are just ignoring it. The days or having an Antivirus program and that is it on your computer are gone. You need much more. The terrorist, mafia, organized crime, Russia, etc. may be after your information or they may just be afterComputer Security your computer to use it for one of their thousands of servers. You antivirus program is not going to tell you that.

It is time to get on the Offensive and stop just being defensive. Our system is designed to catch problems before they become problems. We aggressively manage your system and block intruders, we have software that will protect you from that “click” when you open a phishing email and click on the link. We have content filtering software that will keep you and your employees out of the bad websites and still allow you and your employees to get your work done.

Our program is designed to help you multiply your time by handling the things that need to be done to maintain your systems when you are not using them and make sure your computer is ready and running as fast as it can when you are working on it.

How much is your data worth? How much is your time worth? How much is your business worth? We can help make sure all your data assets are protected.


Security - We are all thinking about security now days. Computer intrusions are just part of what needs to be monitored. Viruses are the common things to watch for but you need to be concerned with your computer being taken over and being used as a server for the "bad buys".

Reliability - When you sit down to your computer, you want it to work and work well. Nothing can be more frustrating than sitting down to get a project done or to check your e-mail and your computer says that you need to update. You did not want to do that, you wanted to do the thing you started to do but in the interest of computer security you try to run the update - sometimes. We clear the way for you to be able to do the things you want to do and not the things your computer wants you to do.

Back-up - Computers are mechanical and as a result, things happen. Our customers know that their information is backed-up... for sure. We manage that process for you and if, in the event, that your computer did not backup last night, we fix the problem for you. There will be a time when you have a failure, you want to know you have a good backup.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Saunders has been providing our computer support for both my business and home since January 2001. We have been enrolled in the CAP-IT program and we are highly satisfied with their standard of service. Responding in a professional and timely manner, they are the perfect solution for our computer support needs."
Bill Goodrich
Richgood Corporation, Birmingham, AL

CAP-IT Managed Solutions

CAP-IT Security

Everyone needs to be concerned with Computer Security, you are not immune. CAP-IT Security is designed to keep your computer secure so you have more time to do the things you want to do.

CAP-IT Help Desk

We take care of your computer making sure it is Secure, Reliable and Backed-up. In addition we will provide Help Desk support so you do not waste time figuring things out.

CAP-IT Monitored Backup

This is not your cheap backup service that doesn't always work or doesn't let you know when it's not. We make sure your computer is backed up & when it's not backing up, we fix it saving you time.

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