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Dorm Suite Dorm and Sew Sheri Designs have been trusting their computer backup and security to "Saunders Business Solutions for several years now. Rob and his team are always quick to respond to any needs or issues that come up, whether mild mechanical/technical problems or destructive virus issues. We rest easy knowing Rob and his team will provide any computer assistance we may need."
Deborah Fine

Our Reason for Being Here

One of my brothers and I owned a traditional hardware store back in the 80’s. Harris’ job was to take care of the front of the store and mine was to manage the back of the store. I used the accounting program that was written by a local programmer running on computers that were supplied by a company out of Anniston. We had a Novel network and dumb terminals up front at the checkout counters. These computers did not have hard drives, eight MB RAM and five ¼ Inch floppy Drives. We had problems. Sometimes the registers would not work and sometimes they would, and the inventory was always wrong. The programmer blamed the hardware provider, and the hardware provider accused the programmers – and I was in the middle. This went on for a year until we found out that K-mart, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes were planning to open within 2 miles of our 9,000-ft. store. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out what was getting ready to happen. We closed the store, and I started Saunders Business Solutions in 1989. My mission was to provide to companies what I could not get at Saunders Hardware, that was a single source for computer services and to eliminate the “Blame Game” that the hardware and software providers were playing. I began my mission to be the computer solution for small businesses. The Computer Assistance Program for Information Technology program CAP-IT was born. It came to me in a vision – or maybe the shower, probably the later. The goal is to provide computer solutions to companies for a flat monthly price so businesses can know what their costs will be and that they have a resource that large companies have – an IT Department but not the high costs associated with such a department. Over the last 28 years, our industry has changed dramatically. In the early 90’s I was working with Sherman Concrete, traveling the South-East teaching executives, middle management, and hourly employees how to use Windows 3.11 and how to use a mouse. Every few years, we would experience a shift in the industry. We added the Internet back in the early 90’s then Websites, Email, Windows 95, Me, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Email became the way to communicate, Social Media changed our lives and Portable phones changed how we do everything. We have shifted continuously to keep current with the latest trends. Thus, we now offer the following programs.

SECURITY TIP - Check your antivirus and make sure it is working and not out of date. We find out of date Antivirus programs all the time. We have Antivirus programs we recommend, give us a call, and we will help. Also, you can have too many antivirus programs on your computer. Many antivirus programs will slow your system down to a crawl if it gets out of hand.

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