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VOIP Phone Services

VOIP PhoneWhy VOIP Phone Service?

In today’s competitive environment, businesses are looking for ways to lower expenses, eliminate multiple vendors and communication providers, refocus IT staff on other areas of the business, and allow employees to easily connect regardless of location and device. There is no reason for companies to maintain the status quo when it comes to communication systems. Blue Ocean can offer these benefits through our cloud-based solution for VIOP Phone Service.

What are the benefits of a Cloud solution like Blue Ocean?

It is strategic

IT resources devoted to phone administration are not affecting key business initiatives and do not help your company compete or generate revenue. Blue Wave eliminates those IT headaches, reduces costs and frees up your team to work on core business projects. If running a VOIP phone system isn’t a revenue generating activity, why would you waste valuable resources doing it?

It has no limits

Ask anyone who has had to move or expand an on-premise PBX about their experience, it is doubtful they have favorable memories of it. Premise base systems have capacity limits, require frequent upgrades and are just difficult to move or expand the number of users.
Blue Wave doesn’t burden you with such difficulties nor does it have any limits. Adding users is seamless and unlimited. You don’t need to guess now how many employees you will have over the next few years and you never have to worry about outgrowing your phone system’s capacity. You only pay for what you need when you need it. Blue Wave even lets you scale down should you ever need to reduce your costs.

It follows your business growthPollyCom Phones

As your business grows, your needs change. With an on-premise PBX, you are stuck with the features the manufacturer gives you. New feature upgrades are painful and often expensive. The Blue Wave cloud approach to your business is a game changer. By accessing one centralized software platform in our Amazon cloud, you are always new and “upgraded”.

It helps you get mobile

Mobile and remote work places are becoming standard operating procedure. Integrating all of these users into a premise based PBX is clunky, expensive, and unreliable. With Blue Wave ,users all have the same experience no matter where they are or how they connect because it’s all in the Cloud. Locations or users can even back each other up during especially busy times.

It has built in disaster recovery and redundancy

Redundancy with on premise PBX systems is complicated and expensive so most people just do not do it and regret it after disaster strikes. blue wave provides two layers of redundancy. First, all of your communications are being served in the Cloud. You have the 99.999% up time of Amazon’s world-class infrastructure. Second, if your connection to the Internet fails, your system will automatically re-route to other locations, mobile devices, or anywhere you choose. Either way Blue Wave has your business covered in case of emergency or temporary outages on the Internet.

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