CAP-IT SimplyFile

A real time saver for your email management efforts

Source: Check Point 018 Security Report

Source: Check Point 2018 Security Report

File and Organize your Outlook Email

Do you have a lot of emails in your inbox?
Are you constantly wishing you had a better way to file your emails?
Do you want an inbox that is manageable?
Have you been looking for a better way to manage your emails?

You can now file your emails into the correct folder with a single click.

CAP-IT SimplyFile is designed with smart technology and it learns where you want your emails filed. Then with a simple click of the button, it will put the email there for you want it.

No more drag and drop. No more searching for the folder the email needs to be filed in and then moving it there.

Drag and drop is slow and inefficient. Stop doing it.


For the first time you will feel like you are in control of your email and will know that your emails is where it is supposed to be.

In addition to managing emails in your inbox, when you send an email, it will ask you where you want to file the sent email. Finally you can have all your sent and received emails in one location, easy to find.

Again, this becomes a simple click as you use the system more and more.


CAP-IT SimplyFile

Finally a way to organize your email
$ 49
One-Time Purchase
  • One-Click-Filing. Finally due to the advance folder prediction algorithm, most of your messages are filed with one click.
  • File Thread. You can now file all messages in the same thread with one click, without having to manually select them.
  • File Sender. At last, file all messages from a sender with one click, with having to manually select them
  • BatchFile. Now you can file a group of messages into their respective folders in one-fell-swoop
  • TaskIt and ScheduleIt Turn messages into Outlook Tasks, Meetings and Appointments, sent a reminder, then file them away. So your Inbox stays small and you do not miss important items which scroll out of the view.
  • Send and File. To save time you can now file messages to the right folder as you are sending them. Optionally keep a copy in Sent Items
  • Go To Folder. Even if you have thousands of folders, jump to any folder with just a few keystrokes
  • Supports fast keyboard-only operation. We have put a lot of effort into optimizing keyboard-only workflow. If you feel that you work faster when you do not have to touch the mouse, you will fill that SimplyFile was built for you.
  • Filing Log. Use a searchable, chronological list of recently filed messages to find filed messages. It is also a convenient way to remind yourself what you have worked on recently. You can use it when you are filling out a time report, writing a status, or creating a bill for your clients.

System Requirements

SECURITY TIP - Many people think that more is better when it comes to Antivirus programs. That is just not true. Usually, you are OK if you have an antivirus program and Windows Defender on the same system. Often McAfee will be installed as well because it comes in on a downloaded application. If you have too many antivirus programs, they start taking up all your computer resources and will slow down the system. Depending on the age and configuration of the system, this could be disastrous. ​Simply remove some of them and reboot.

Rob Saunders

Is CAP-IT SimplyFile right for your business?

If you use Outlook and if you file your emails into folders based on some type of criteria - YES you must get this add-in.

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