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    have experienced phishing
    attacks in 2017
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Below are our Self-Service CAP-IT Products

All of the options below have 24/7/365 EXPERT support and are ready to assist with sales or technical support. Call (480) 625-2500

Very often we talk to companies or individuals that want to save money or want to test various options. We have all this available for you. we will even help you do it.

So if you want us to manage part of what you do and you want to handle some of it yourself – great! We are here to help.

Simply click on one of the options above and we will tell you all about it and give you options to do-it-yourself or what our CAP-IT program would do for you.

Nowhere else on the inteernet are you going to find this sort of comparison or these options. This is why we are in business, to provide the best opssible options for your business or personal needs.

“There is no one I trust more with the security and maintenance of our office computers than Saunders Business Solutions. we have been working with Saunders business solutions for 20+ years and couldn't be more satisfied!"
Corinna Slaughter
Owner - Family Expeditions

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Why would you want our Self-Service CAP-IT Products?

Save Money

If you like to do things yourself, you can save money. Simply open an account and start picking and choosing what you need - such as domains or website hosting.

More services are offered

We do not offer everything as a Full-Service CAP-IT program. For example, SSL Certificates, Hosted Servers, SEO Services, Website Security and more.

We will provide unlimited help

Our 24/7/365 support staff are ready to assist you with anything you need. For example if you need help moving your existing domains to your new account, they can help.

Test Environments

If you want to create your own website, we will provide you a development area to build it. If you want to play with a server for a short or long time, we can give you that as well. And much more.

SECURITY TIP - Do not let your computer or phone browsers save your passwords. It only takes 4 - 7 clicks, and anyone can see all the passwords. They are not safe - at all. Try it. In Firefox do the following: Top right of your browser click on the three lines (Open Menu) | Options | Privacy, and Security | Saved Logins | Show Passwords | Yes. That is it; there they are for all to see.

Rob Saunders

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