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5 backup options to choose from

There are many backup options available to you as a small business owner. Many more than were available even a few years ago. I will list the most popular ones below – this is by no means and exhaustive list but it will get you started. 1.       Thumb Drive Backup – This is where you […]

Who is using your computer? You really do not know!

Criminal computer use

There is nothing on my computer worth stealing so why should I be concerned about security? Typical criminal computer uses. The following information was provided by Brian Krebs – A noted security expert. So let’s say there really is not anything you do or use your computer for that the “Bad Guys” would want to […]

You want to know about “Locky”

Mary called me yesterday. She received an email from a financial services firm relayed to her from a trusted friend. She thought it was strange to get an email for September but she opened the email attachment. Immediately, icons on her computer started turning white. She thought that was strange so she shut down her […]

So you think you are safer than a 5th grader?

My 5th grade granddaughter was staying with us this past weekend while her parents went to Charleston SC. We are having a great time and all of a sudden she announces that she got a phone call from her mother asking when did her granddaddy send the text message from her phone? It turns out […]

Never backup your computer again

Security Best Practice

We have all been taught that we must backup our computer or else we run the risk of losing everything. That is just not true anymore because of Business Continuity. Let me explain. There are many ways to protect the data that you have spent many years collecting, creating and processing. No one wants to […]