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E-Mail Services

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Free e-mail is not Free. There are costs associated with Free emails services such as the following:

  • You are advertising for their company every time you send an e-mail – not yours
  • They have your information such as contacts and content
  • They are bigger targets so when they are attacked, there are greater rewards for the attackers
  • Customer service is non existent

Hosted Exchange

The old system of having an Exchange Server in your office and maintaining that server for small companies is just not cost efficient any more. With the current technology now we can Host your Exchange Email services, Contacts and Calendar effectively and we are constantly backing up your information so it is always safe and secure.

In situations where you work from various locations such as the office, home, car, etc. using your iPad, iPhone, Outlook at home and at work, there is no better e-mail system than Hosted Exchange. If you send an email, enter a contact or make a calendar entry from one location or system, it is available at all the others.

POP3 and SMTP Email services

This is the old standard and works well in many situations. For the person that uses the same program or computer for all email correspondence this is ideal. It still needs to be backed up and it is important to backup your e-mail on a regular basis. We will be glad to handle this backup need with our CAP-IT Managed Backup service. POP3 and SMTP e-mail does not have calendaring or contact management included.

You want a company with a proven record of keeping your email safe and secure. This needs to include protecting your inbox from virus and spam attacks. We do that very effectively at Saunders. See the statistic in the side bar.

EMail services are part of our lives and it is important that it be reliable, secure and backed up. Rarely do companies just get e-mail from us, they usually have other services that tie in with their e-mail such as website hosting, domain registration and back up services.

From a service standpoint there are advantages to having your e-mail, website and domain with the same company. If there is a problem with any of the 3 areas, you have one phone call to make and not 3 with each pointing their finger to the other. Rarely do e-mail and websites go down but when they do, it is a major event. Getting the service back up and running is key to the success of your business. Why would you trust that to a company that is more focused on sales than service?