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Computer Repair Shop


Sometimes you just want to get your computer fixed. You do not want a contract or a program, just fix it (computer repair shop). We have done the traditional Computer Break-Fix for over 25 years now. If it is a PC, Server, Mac, Mac Server we can assist.

At this time we are doing a lot of conversions from Windows XP to Windows 7. Since the end of life for Windows XP is April 1, 2014, customers are checking with us to see if their old computer is worth upgrading or if they need to replace it. We can help. In our computer repair shop we have all the tools and we will be objective and let you know what we think. we will not try to pressure you into getting a new system if the old one will work just fine. It all depends on what you have and what you are going to do with it after the conversion.

If you want to just add more memory to your system or if your computer is running slow we can help as well. It does not matter to us if you have a small business or you are a homeowner, if your computer needs to be repaired, we can handle it.

When possible we will repair y0ur computer remotely. This saves you time and money. Plus it saves you the aggravation of having someone come to your home or office or bringing your computer to us. If we do not need to replace something in the system, we can usually do it remotely. Give us a call and we will be glad to answer your questions. Computer Break-fix is definitely an option for many.