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CAP-IT CloudGuard

Finally security for your cloud data – not just backup but true security.

Companies are rapidly moving data to the cloud and cloud based companies. Your information's security is NOT their main concern. You need CloudGuard

Simple Description – If you have an Office 365 account or if you use DropBox, Box, OneDrive or some of the other programs listed below, you need this, especially if your data is essential to your business or contains sensitive information. CloudGuard will protect that material. You do not want to leave it up to the third party provider to handle that for you. CloudGuard is your Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing, Zero-Day Attack security for your cloud data. See below for the details.

Cloud computing is taking over the world. 67% of enterprises are in a hybrid cloud model. Multi-cloud is becoming the norm.

40% of enterprises rate cloud security as a significant challenge.

Traditional security is not designed for the cloud:

Static Workloads
Manually intensive
Development Ops don’t know security
IT Security doesn’t know the cloud

As a result, the cloud is a shared responsibility environment. The vendor is responsible for the security of the cloud; the customer is responsible for security in the cloud.

“We are in a cloud security transition period in which focus is shifting from the provider to the customer. Enterprises are learning that huge amounts of time spent trying to figure out if any particular cloud service provider is ‘secure’ or not has virtually no payback.” 

Jay Heiser, VP and Cloud Security Lead, Gartner, Inc. JAN 5, 2018

For example, it used to be that companies would host their websites and their email (Exchange) on a server in their company. That is just not done anymore due to the exposure and technology required to keep it safe.

CAP-IT CloudGuard

Anti-Virus, Anti-Phising and more for your Office 365, DropbBox and more.
$ 5
  • First of all, the following cloud environments are included - you can have one or all - the same price.

    Microsoft Office 365
    G-Suite SalesForce ServiceNow Slack ShareFile More coming
  • In addition it has consistent security policy and control across ALL public and private clouds
  • Most of all it protects against 5th generation security attacks
  • Most of all it protects your data from inside the cloud applications , not just the perimeter
  • Centralized management
  • Adaptive and Automatic
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Agile - Security architecture that enables DevOps innovation
  • Multi-Clouds - Unified security architecture for all environments
  • Efficient - Automically deploy, provision and scale security in the cloud
  • Adaptive Security - Adapts to how applications grow, where they move, when they are deleted and when they are distributed between clouds.

Just some of the many features

Fully Featured - Everything you need

Comprehensive Anti-Virus protection State of the art Anti-Spyware protection Customized Anti-Malware protection Excellent Anti-Phishing protection Flexible Content Management Intrusion Detection Network Scanning Protection of incoming and outgoing emails Scan website traffic

Unlimited Upgrades and Updates

When the software has an update, we install it for you. There is no need to purchase the upgrade each year; we handle that for you. We manage it for you.

Fully Customizable

Customization is what we do for you. There are many ways we can configure your security. Depending on your situation, we will make sure you are well protected

Excellent Support

If you have a problem or a question, you call us in Alabama, and we handle it for you. If you have a question or if something does not seem right, call us. We will be glad to talk to you in terms you can understand - not geek talk.

SECURITY TIP - We are in a new day and age where security MUST be foremost in our thought processes. Security is one of the problems that has come with the computer age. We need to protect our children, our stuff, our data, our business and everything else. We must be AWARE at all times and not ignore it. You can do it yourself, or you can have people handle it for you, but they can not control everything. You have to take some responsibilities yourself

Is CAP-IT CloudGuard right for your business?

Maybe, maybe not. We will be glad to discuss it with you. If you store information in the cloud, you are probably a candidate for this service. If you have programs that are cloud-based, this should be a consideration.

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