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CAP-IT Server


Windows Servers require special and constant attention. That is the heart of your business, that is where all your data is kept and the control center that maintains access to that data. There are many areas that need to be watched when maintaining a server and the hard part is no one works at that computer so it gets forgotten most of the time.3d global network

CAP-IT Server is designed to fill the need and maintain the server (s) in your office so you can continue to run your business and know that your data is safe and secure. Some of the things we do for CAP-IT Server subscribers are as follows:

  • Monitor Event logs
  • Monitor all services and restart as needed
  • Make adjustments as necessary
  • Monitor Raid Arrays
  • Manage and install updates
  • Manage security and file access
  • Test the system as needed
  • Back up the data
  • Monitor the back-ups and test monthly
  • Monitor for down situations and notify as needed
  • Update drivers as needed
  • Maintain a history of the health of the system
  • Generate and send a monthly system review
  • and much more

Chances are that these things are not being done now. It is like driving a car and not changing the oil. It will run for quite a while but eventually the damage has been done and it will run slower and be less reliable as time goes by. Your sever will do the same and eventually you will need to replace the server. We will help you get more life out of your server and a more reliable server as time goes on.

For our CAP-IT server we do not break it down to Security, Help Desk and Back-up. We feel that all three areas are critically important and therefore all are needed.

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