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CAP-IT Security

The following must be done on a regular basis. Most people do not do these things.

We do this for you:

CAP-IT Security - Comprehensive computer security monitoring program
Cryptolocker – if you do not know about it and you own a business, you should.

1. Are you spot checking all computers to be sure Windows Updates are actually being installed – monthly?
2. Are you checking to be sure your employees are installing updates to Java, Reader and Flash – weekly?
3. Are you keeping your employees up to date on the latest Phishing tactics?
4. When was the last time your backed up all your data?
5. When was the last time you verified that there was actually data in your back-up?
6. Is your back-up device always attached to your computer?
7. Is your antivirus program up to date and installed on all your computers?
8. If your antivirus program finds a problem, do your employees know what to do? Are they doing it?
9. Do you have a password policy and is it being enforced?
10. When was the last time your system was checked for hacker attacks? (different from viruses)

There are many other things you should be asking yourself but this is a good start.  If this is more that you want to deal with or you do not have time, we can help.

Check out this copy of our Security Newsletter

Your information is not the only thing lost in the event of a security breach or cyber attack;

loss of many hours of time that is irreplaceable. Once lost, the time cannot be recovered; it is gone forever.

With the CAP-IT Security program, we put in place the tools and continuous monitoring needed to minimize or eliminate the risk of a security breach. We watch all the processes that the experts recommend, we update all the programs that must be updated – when they must be updated, we look for the signs that indicate that there is a problem – then we fix it.

There is no need to spend your time buying, installing and configuring an Antivirus program and then making sure it is current and runs.

When the CAP-IT program finds a problem there is no need to spend your time researching what to do, we do that for all our clients. This is just one of hundreds of things we watch for so time can be spent doing the things that are important for your family or business.

This program eliminates the need to work on your Windows Operating System.

We want to give our clients the ability to work or do the things that you want to do – and know your information is safe.

For the technical person,

some of the things that we do besides provide, install, configure, update and monitor your antivirus are as follows:

  • Continuously monitor event logs
  • Continuously monitor and repair services
  • The CAP-IT program will update all the 3rd party applications desired including programs such as Flash, Reader, Java and others – over 50 other programs Manage your Windows Updates
  • Actively watch for and remove Adware and Spyware
  • Watch for Trojans and Viruses and remove them
  • Watch for Rootkits and Keylogger software and remove
  • Protect from Phishing attacks
  • We provide Content Monitoring
  • Data protection to prevent users from unwittingly revealing specific confidential information. Detailed reporting as desired.
  • And much more

Clients of the CAP-IT Security program have the option of turning on Content management. This feature is not just for keeping employees out of dirty sites, it also protects the company from unwanted exposures and protection from sites that harbor viruses.

Education is also an important aspect to a good security program.

Employees need to be able to recognize problems and to be able to avoid them. We help with your employee’s education through the use of special e-mail alerts, a Security Newsletter and Occasional Lunch-N-Learns. This protects your business assets as well as the valuable time allocated to run the business.

At the heart of the program is Rob Saunders a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) with over 25 years experience in the computer business. We watch your computers as if they were ours; we do not want clients to have any problems with the computers under the CAP-IT program.

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If you want more we now offer CAP-IT Security Plus that includes all the great features of the CAP-IT Security program plus we will include CAP-IT Monitored Backup as well providing a much higher level of security for your computers

For our customers in the Birmingham, AL area we offer CAP-IT Security Complete that includes everything that CAP-IT Security Plus includes and we will come on site to make necessary repairs as needed. Some exclusions apply.

Depending on the size of your operation you may have a local server. Servers are highly technical computers and require trained engineers with years of experience to maintain them. We have the expertise to maintain this equipment and will be more than glad to discuss the services we provide. Click here to see the monthly pricing.