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CAP-IT Help Desk


Your expertise is in your business and your employees need to be able to focus on your business and not their computers.CAP-IT Help Desk

Computers are just a tool and you do not need a tool that keeps breaking. But just like most tools they need maintenance and your employees need training and support for that tool. With CAP-IT Help Desk for one low, set price per computer (tool) you have all the support needed.

If there is a problem with your computer, who do you call?

Do you call Microsoft, McAfee, Norton, Adobe, Dell? How much time will you spend on the phone waiting for them to first answer? Then you find out that it was not their problem, it is another company’s problem. How much time did that take from your day?

CAP-IT Help Desk is designed to free your time so you can move on and get your work done.

There is not waiting on hold for the next tech and no confusion. You get us immediately and we will help you get your problem resolved. If one of the companies listed above needs to be contacted, we will do that for you and handle the situation. We are local and our employees are local as well. We will get to know you and your systems as well as what you do so quickly we will recognize your voice and know how we need to help you with your issue. We have full remote capabilities as well so many times we can just handle the issue and you can do other things to stay productive.

Time is critical to you and your employees don’t make them sit on hold for hours while they could be getting work done or making the next sale. Our experts will jump on the problem and get it resolved, that is what we have done for 25 years.

Some examples of situations we have handled for our customers:

  • Printer stopped working
  • No sound coming out of the speakers
  • Computer is frozen – does this a lot
  • E-Mail is not working
  • All my data is gone
  • I cannot get on the Internet
  • My computer says that I need to update something all the time
  • This message popped up on the screen – what do I do?
  • I went to a website and think I have a virus
  • I need to buy a new computer, what should I get?
  • Should I turn off my computer at night?
  • I need to buy a particular program but I am not sure it will run on my system?

Briefly here is how the system works.

You call or e-mail your problem to us, it is assigned to a tech who deals with the problem. If it is something that is not urgent but needs to be fixed at some time, We can schedule the fix for after hours, if it is an urgent issue, we will handle it immediately.

We have been doing this for 25 years and our staff has heard it all. Our goal is to help you keep working and to not waste time. We are good at that.

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