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CAP-IT Dental Office Security


How many times during a routine hygiene visit do you find a problem area in a patient’s mouth in which they weren’t experiencing pain?Dentist_Small

Diagnosing these problems early can be the key to saving a tooth or teeth and getting your patients oral health back on track.

The same is true with computers and security issues. Just because you do not have any symptoms, that does not mean you do not have any problems. Cyber-criminals are masters of gathering information without you knowing it. Roughly 60 percent of small businesses close within six months of a cyber attack according to Symantec. Dental office security is critical.

For instance, when Pamela (a tech savvy CFO for a small company), logged in to the look-alike site, a message prompted her to call customer service about a problem with her company’s account. She dialed the number on the screen, and after a few simple questions from the agent on the line, every single penny in her company’s account disappeared. More than $300,000, gone in minutes.

We cannot guarantee that this will not happen to you but we can give you to tools and education to help prevent this from happening to you.

Depending on the level of dental office security you would like, we can help.

Our basic dental office security package and includes up to seven computers and one server. This will provide you the basic security needed by most systems. There are no guarantees that you will not be infected or that you will be totally safe but these measures will meet minimum standards.  Included in this package is the following:

  • Active computer monitoring for spyware, adware, viruses and installed programs
  • All work will be done remote when you are not using your computers
  • CAP-IT Scans on a pre determined schedule (all scans are performed by our staff in our office)
    • Server – Monthly
    • Workstations (not operatory computers) – Every 2 months
    • Operatory computers – Every 3 months
    • Statistics will be kept and a report will be sent after each scan
    • Spyware software included
    • Anti-virus software not included
    • Windows updates will be managed
    • Flash, reader and java will be updated when system is scanned and we will provide the necessary education to help you know when and how to update between scans

Written by Stuart J. Oberman Friday, 24 May 2013 15:00  – Dentistry Today

dentistThe provision of healthcare is changing at a rapid pace as healthcare providers endeavor to maintain maximum efficiency while navigating the technology rich climate. As a result of the reliance on electronic data, dental offices have become vulnerable to cyber security threats. The growing volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks suggest that dental practices will have to grow increasingly vigilant to ward off these threats. A breach of cyber security will inevitably lead to significant expenses, both financial and reputational, which can wreak havoc on a dental practice.

Many dentists believe that cyber criminals are not a threat to their small dental offices. However, when choosing between a large corporation or bank with security teams and firewalls preventing access to databases and a dental office with no firewall or security team, the dental practice will be the chosen target. In fact, many hackers specifically target small dental offices because they believe that the small business may not have the resources for sophisticated security devices and do not enforce employee security policies.

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