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Usually suggestions and recommendations on computer security for small and home based businesses

Your automatic Windows Updates are not working

Most customers have Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Windows now come with an automatic Windows update feature, already turned, on that is set to update your Windows operating system automatically, but it just does not work. What if you had … Read More

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What is the deal with Identity Theft Protection?

The other day someone asked me if they needed Identity Theft protection. My answer was YES. For many years, we have been potential victims of identity but never as much as today. So what has happened to make Identity Theft … Read More

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17 reasons why should you back up your computer?

Tax purposes – What if the IRS calls? Recovery – Do you really want to re-enter all that info? Eliminate Downtime – Hard drives crash Ability to recover from a virus – Many viruses destroy data Disaster recovery – Flood, … Read More

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Do you know why Ostriches stick their heads in holes in the ground?

Ostriches do this, so they do not have to deal with the dangers around them. Business owners do this all the time with their computers and security. Take Home Depot for example. After the Target data breach, most box retail … Read More

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I got a Virus – and I have Antivirus Software installed?

Just because you have Antivirus Software installed does not mean that you cannot get a Virus.  According to Kaspersky Labs, there are 315,000 new malicious files every day that is 218 every minute.  PC World reports that and average of … Read More

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"Rob has provided us with many years of quick and honest service. I’d recommend him to anyone for their office hardware and software needs."
Jeff Salmon
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