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Usually suggestions and recommendations on computer security for small and home based businesses

Old fashion, reliable computer support

I often feel that people and companies over think things. I was watching a video that Tyler Garnes was doing for his InfusionSoft Success Lab and he mentioned his $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000 “rule”. You can spend your business day … Read More

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CAP-IT Security - Comprehensive computer security monitoring program

Have you ever done what Mike did?

Today, advancements in technology are moving at an incredible rate. In many cases, it is great. Better technology often means better technological solutions. However, in some cases, we simply cannot keep up with the fast-paced, digital technology, especially when it … Read More

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The WannaCry Virus Explained

The WannaCry Virus Explained

Technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives, but along with it come big security problems too. What is Ransomware? The “WannaCry” virus is an example of “ransomware.” It’s a really complex piece of software that generally falls into … Read More

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Is your email a address?

I had a customer call me today and said that called her and said that she had viruses on her computer and that they needed to log into her computer to take care of it. She told them that … Read More

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Security Best Practice

Security Best Practice – lawyers and business people, pay attention!

Security Best Practice – here is a listing of what you should do and know. Do you, or any of your staff, ever type the following into a computer, web based program, email, document, Smart Phone, tablet, iPad, etc.? Social … Read More

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I am done with all this computer security stuff!

As a business owner you can’t just stick your head in the sand and pretend that this security stuff is not important. Security is very important and should not be left up to your employees to manage. This day and … Read More

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Don't plug in that Thumb Drive!

USB Sticks, Thumb Drives, Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, Flash Stick, USB Flash Drive, Key Drive, Pen Drive, Jump Drive. Do you know what is on yours? Do you know where it came from? These portable drives have become very popular … Read More

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Computer backup

5 backup options to choose from

There are many backup options available to you as a small business owner. Many more than were available even a few years ago. I will list the most popular ones below – this is by no means and exhaustive list … Read More

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Who is using your computer? You really do not know!

There is nothing on my computer worth stealing so why should I be concerned about security? Typical criminal computer uses. The following information was provided by Brian Krebs – A noted security expert. So let’s say there really is not … Read More

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You want to know about "Locky"

Mary called me yesterday. She received an email from a financial services firm relayed to her from a trusted friend. She thought it was strange to get an email for September but she opened the email attachment. Immediately, icons on … Read More

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