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So you think you are safer than a 5th grader?

My 5th grade granddaughter was staying with us this past weekend while her parents went to Charleston SC. We are having a great time and all of a sudden she announces that she got a phone call from her mother … Read More


Never backup your computer again

We have all been taught that we must backup our computer or else we run the risk of losing everything. That is just not true anymore because of Business Continuity. Let me explain. There are many ways to protect the … Read More

It will never happen to me – no I mean that

I just shipped off a hard drive to have the data recovered. It will cost the customer $400 – $2,000 to recover their data and they have no backups at all Last weekend a company I have been talking to … Read More


DO IT YOURSELF SECURITY If I were to be forced to only select two forms of security they would be Unique Passwords and Updates. You want a unique password for every program, email, website that you use. Also you do … Read More

RAM Scraping – we are not talking about sheep

RAM scraping is a system where malware grabs your credit card information and writes it to a text file before it is encrypted by your POS system. This happens in a millisecond and is undetectable. Anyone that has a POS … Read More

Computers are your window to the world – you can travel anywhere without leaving home

Have you ever wanted to go to Paris, Rome, Nebraska and just did not have the money, ability or the time? If you have a computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access, you are almost there. Pick a place like … Read More

Computer security report for the year 2014

Below is a security report based on the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report – 2015 that is the most comprehensive report available with over 70 worldwide reporting agencies. This applies to business large and small as well as individuals. For … Read More

Who cares about this crap? – Nobody!

I had a meeting with a customer today, and the discussion came to Battery Back-ups. They do not have Battery Backups, and they said that they saw no reason to have them since they would not be able to work … Read More

Phishing, what your parents or Grandparents need to know

When you talk about fishing, the goal is to go to the lake and catch some fish. When you talk about phishing, the goal is to send emails and catch someone’s information. In either case, something or someone is in … Read More

What do Identity Theft and the latest Anthem Data Breach have in common?

If your identity is stolen and the perpetrator uses your information when they go to the doctor, your medical records could be compromised. That could mean that in the event of an accident, and you were unable to respond to … Read More