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Application Development


Online support. Toolbox with tools on laptop. 3dSometimes an off the shelf program will just not do the job for your business. In those situations you need a custom application that is designed specifically for your special needs. We can make that happen for you. Below are some examples of application developmentĀ that we have put together for our customers over the years, maybe yours will be the next one, it is not as expensive as you may think.

In some cases your application development situation needs to be web based and in others it needs to be stand alone on a single computer or on a server to be shared internally. We can handle any situation you may have.

  • Shipping program designed to manage all truck transportation including LTL and Full Truck Loads for a lumber broker
  • Inventory program managing the purchase orders for electrical sub-stations
  • Cash card management system managing the communication between the customer and the card provider
  • Electrical contractor management system designed to manage the electrical needs for high rise structures
  • Retail POS system including inventory management, purchase orders, sales orders and accounts receivable
  • Password and IT infrastructure management system
  • Retail convenience store fuel and sales tracking system
  • Day and overnight Camp management system including registration, receivables, room assignments and much more
  • Computer interfaces with equipment to record readings into a database for future reference or analysis
  • Travel cruse management system including booking, reservations, room accommodations and much more
  • Reservation for bowling alleys and birthdays in their party rooms including reserving the lanes based on party sizes
  • Intranet system to manage PDF files including MSDS information for a manufacturing facility
  • Junior Golf tour management program
  • Program that pulls information from QuickBooks and prints both sides of deposit slips for large deposits
  • A system that manages the information needed for each customer of a Stop-Loss insurance company
  • A follow up system for a travel agent that requires many detailed follow up e-mails and reminders based on the date of the trip
  • A program that tracks the carton sales for a multi-location tobacco chain
  • Portfolio and billing system for a financial adviser

There are many more but this will give you a sense of the diversity and variety of different projects we have handled over the years. Give us a call and let us know what you are thinking about and we will be glad to see what we can do to help make your business more profitable and manageable.