Old fashion, reliable computer support

I often feel that people and companies over think things. I was watching a video that Tyler Garnes was doing for his InfusionSoft Success Lab and he mentioned his $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000 “rule”. You can spend your business day working on the $10 and $100 per hour jobs that are easy and make you feel good or you can spend your day working on the $1,000 and $10,000 jobs reliable computer servicethat are harder but change your business.

At Saunders, we handle the $10 and $100 computer related jobs for you in the form of old fashion, reliable computer support. What we do is very simple. We make your computer safer, faster and better. We use tools to do this because we want to be as efficient as possible as well. As a result, we can provide our services very inexpensively but always deliver more than you expect. That is why we have customers that have been with us for over 15 years.

There are a few services we offer, such as our CAP-IT Security program, where we take care of your computers for you. This includes anything that is needed that can be done remotely. We update the computer programs, speed up slow computers, we provide your antivirus program and maintain it for you as well as solve your computer problems and questions. Computer security is always “top of mind” for us. We feel like we are a part of our customers businesses and understand what they need and do our best to always be there for them.

For example, we work on the computers when the customer does not need them. When needed, we work on computers when you go to a meeting, go to lunch, after hours or on weekends. Our goal is to be as transparent to your operation as possible but still provide a level of service that you will want to tell your friends.

We provide multiple levels of backup services for our customers as well called our CAP-IT Monitored Backup programs. We know that having a computer that is backed up is a “peace of mind” that is sometimes hard to obtain. What makes us different is we monitor your backups daily so if there is a problem with your backup, we know it and fix it for you. If you want to receive a notice daily as well, we can provide that. Our “top of the line” backup is a full image backup of your system so if there was ever a problem, we can restore your computer back to exactly where you were when it was stolen or the data was lost, including the programs.

There are many other services we provide to our customers that I will talk about later but for now, these two are the most important. When one of our customers has a problem, we take it very seriously and do everything possible to get the problem resolved quickly.


“Dorm Suite Dorm and Sew Sheri Designs have been trusting their computer backup and security to Saunders Business Solutions for several years now. Rob and his team are always quick to respond to any needs or issues that come up, whether mild mechanical/technical problems or destructive virus issues.  We rest easy knowing Rob and his team will provide any computer assistance we may need.”

Deborah Fine
Dorm Suite Dorm, LLC
dba Sew Sheri Designs

If you are interested in any of our services or just want to talk about your situation, whether you are an office based business or a home-based business or you just have some home computers, give us a call (205) 408-0600.

Rob Saunders
We have been in the computer business since 1989

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