I am done with all this computer security stuff!

As a business owner you can’t just stick your head in the sand and pretend that this security stuff is not important. Security is very important and should not be left up to your employees to manage. This day and age, business owners are busier than they’ve ever been trying to keep their businesses alive and they are pushing employees to the limit to get as much productivity out of their employees as they possibly can. As a result, security gets done when it can be done and in most small businesses, this is not adequate.security stuff

You don’t want to leave security up to your employees. A security breach could cause your business to go under due to something as simple as opening an email attachment. We all know that we need to constantly update Windows, Java, reader, chrome, Firefox, flash and all the other programs that we have including QuickBooks. Are you checking to be sure that is being done on all the computers in your business? Are you doing this for your computer as the business owner.

Back in the 80s security met protecting your physical location from thieves and maybe intellectual property breaches. You might have given a little thought to that and purchased a lock or even put in a security system in your building and all that is still needed but a lot more.

You know all the things that need to be done, nothing new is being told in this blog. You have to update all of your programs including QuickBooks, flash. reader etc. and you have to backup all of your devices especially the devices that have your critical data such as servers. But even small businesses with two or three employees need to start thinking about protecting their computers and network from outside intrusions. The Microsoft firewall that came with your Microsoft operating system is not enough. You need to install a hardware firewall that has the ability to block intrusions into your network.

Antivirus programs are important, but there’s a higher level of protection that can be provided using hardware devices the go between your modem and your network. In the past small businesses didn’t think that they were a target, but they are because the bad guys have to target any company or any computers that they can access. They are not always looking for information on your computer and a lot of situations, they are looking for computers they can use to host their various programs that send out emails or provide information as a part of their criminal activity.

As an integral part of small business security you need to deal with the hardware, software and employee situations. The hardware needs to be protected, the software needs to be updated and most important the employees need to be educated. If your employees do not know how to spot problems, how to spot emails that may contain crypto viruses, how to update their computers if somebody else is not responsible, how to recognize phone calls for Microsoft that are really scams, you could have a severe security loophole in your business.

In a lot of companies, the business owners take responsibility for all of this however, in many situations the business owners preoccupied with other “more important” activities. It is very inexpensive now to have IT companies assist with all of this. Saunders Business Solutions has our CAP-IT security program and we will be glad to discuss it with you.

Rob Saunders

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