Who is using your computer? You really do not know!

There is nothing on my computer worth stealing so why should I be concerned about security? Typical criminal computer uses.

The following information was provided by Brian Krebs – A noted security expert.Criminal Computer Uses

So let’s say there really is not anything you do or use your computer for that the “Bad Guys” would want to steal. If they got in your computer, here are some criminal computer uses, they could do the following:

Use your computer as a Web Server as a Malware Download Site, Spam Site, Bad pictures site and more.

They could use your computer for Email Attacks such as Webmail Spam, Harvesting Email Contacts, Access to Corporate email

They could sell the following from your computer: Online Gaming Characters, Online Gaming Goods, PC Game License Keys, Operating System License Keys.

They could use your computer as a base of operation for Reputation Hacking into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.

They could perform Ransomware, Fake Viruses, Email Account Ransomware or Webcam Image Extortion.

There is much more but suffice it to say, if you have a computer and it is turned on, you need to be aware of security and pay attention. Almost all of these activities would not be visible to the typical computer user.

You want to be sure you have strong passwords and that you change passwords from time to time. Do not go to dangerous places or participate in web activities that are known for criminal activity. You want to be sure to keep all your programs and operating system up to date and current with all the latest patches. And lastly you want to be sure you know who has been using your computer and what they are using it for.

All this takes time so be sure to set aside a little time every month to check your computer and make sure it is save and secure.

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