Never backup your computer again


We have all been taught that we must backup our computer or else we run the risk of losing everything. That is just not true anymore because of Business Continuity. Let me explain.

There are many ways to protect the data that you have spent many years collecting, creating and processing. No one wants to run the risk of losing everything so why are you saying there is no need to backup anymore?Words Best practice on a virtual interface in a navigation bar with a businessman touching it with his finger from behind.

There are three basic ways to protect your data:

  1. Traditional backup to an external hard drive, thumb drive, DVD, the old Tape system, internal hard drive and other onsite systems. This is what we have been conditioned to do for 20 plus years. Many of us only know that type of backup and for the most part, many of us do it haphazardly. There are many steps involved in making this happen including remembering to make the backups if not automatic, remembering to check to make sure the backups are happening, inserting or removing the media, checking to make sure something was actually backed up and more. None of this includes the act of taking the media off site and the risks associated with that.
  2. Set up / subscribe to an off site storage service like Carbonite, One Drive, iCloud and others. You are copying the data to the cloud. It still requires you to verify that it is working and that the data you want is being copied. Some of these services will even create an image of your system and keep it up to date. Again, you must make sure it is always working. If you set it and forget it, you may be surprised to find out you have nothing or you do not have what you thought you had when a catastrophic failure occurs.
  3. Disaster Recovery (Business Continuity) is the way to go if you have data that is critical to the success of your business and if you have the need to recover fast in the event of a catastrophic disaster. For instance, let’s say you are a CPA and you have all your clients records on your system. It is tax time and your building burns down, destroying your computer. How would you recover quick enough to finish all your taxes in time and take care of your client’s needs? If you had a true Business Continuity solution, you could go home from the fire, get on your home computer, log into your virtual machine on the Internet and resume where you left off with all your files, programs and data just the way they were at the office. You would be back in business in a matter of minutes. With traditional systems 1 or 2 above, it may be days or a week before you could recover if you have the data and the programs available.

This is nothing new. This third system has been available for years – for the large corporations. Even medium size companies have been able to afford this technology but for the one person office or 5 – 10 person office, the price was prohibitive, until now. We have a solution that is affordable (less than a cup of Starbucks coffee). Give us a call and we can tell you all about our Business Continuity solution.

Rob Saunders
Saunders Business Solutions
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