It will never happen to me – no I mean that

  1. I just shipped off a hard drive to have the data recovered. It will cost the customer $400 – $2,000 to recover their data and they have no backups at all
  2. Last weekend a company I have been talking to got the Crypto Virus, and it encrypted all their data destroying all their hard work – years’ worth of data
  3. We had a customer that told us that they had all their data backed up but when the main computer’s hard drive crashed, they discovered that there was no information on the backup
  4. Recently I talked to a dentist that was backing up his server to external hard drives every day and taking them home. Turns out there was nothing on them for four months. Scary but he caught it in time.Make time for backups

These are just a few of the stories that I see and experience every day. The “It will never happen to me” line is just not true. All of these stories are just related to backups and not having information backed up. I could tell you just as many stories about virus attacks, lost or stolen computers, websites being lost or corrupted and much more.

More and more people are using automated off-site backup services and think that once it is set up, they are safe. That is just not true. Did you know that many of the off-site companies will only retain your data for 30 days, then they delete it? Also, their programs are designed to work but often they fail and need to be repaired or restarted but the owners do not do it, so their backups stop and nothing gets backed up. They discover this when all is lost, and they need to restore.

So what is safe?

We like to think that Monitored off-site backups are best since they are monitored and repaired when there is a problem. Data owners can monitor their off-site backups – but they don’t.
When customers ask us how often should I backup my data, we ask them “how much information can you reconstruct from your notes – how many hours or days?” We back up our customer’s data anywhere from daily to eight times a day and if it does not backup, we know it and fix it.

Rob Saunders
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