Distinctive keys. Many odd shaped keys on old wood table . Security and encryption, concept image.DO IT YOURSELF SECURITY

If I were to be forced to only select two forms of security they would be Unique Passwords and Updates.

You want a unique password for every program, email, website that you use. Also you do not want to write down the passwords or record them in a spreadsheet on your computer. That is impossible you say! Well try this, pick a phrase that you like and have used most of your life, for example “Jack and Jill went up the hill”.

Make your password core from that phrase “J@Jwuth” a “6” to the end then the initials of your website, program or email provider.

Facebook password would be = J@Jwuth6fb

Twitter password would be = J@Jwuth6t

If you had a password that you need to change often, just add a number to the end and change it as you needed to.

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