Stop updating Java, Windows, Flash, Reader and others

There is now a service available that will make sure your computer is always up to date with all the latest software updates – and you do not need to do anything. That is right, no more Windows updates, updating Java, Reader, Flash, or anything else. No more wondering if the pop-up that is telling you you need to update is legitimate.Time To Update

That in itself would be a good service, but this service will also watch your computer for hacker attacks, spyware, adware, phishing attacks, viruses (and even get rid of them for you).

There are many other areas that are monitored / watched as a part of the CAP-IT Security program for less than $1 per day.

In addition, we will give you our world class Antivirus program at no extra charge. A $89.95 per year value.

For more information click CAP-IT Security and sign up now and forget all that “mind-numbing” stuff that you know you must do and never want to so you don’t.

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