Time, we all have the same amount. What are you doing with yours?

Computer Security

I am reading a new book called “Procrastinate on Purpose” by Roy Vaden that talks about multiplying your time, not just reorganizing it. I will not go into the details here, but the focus of the book is to do the things that make you more productive, not just moving things around. Stopwatch On A Laptop Keyboard
At Saunders, we have been practicing the teachings of this book for years. For example, if you have something that you do over and again that takes time such as hand writing the return address on envelopes, buy a stamp, and you have now created time. Another example is you now have an assistant, and there are complicated processes you do on a regular basis that will take you hours or days to teach the assistant. Teach a person how to do it, check to be sure it is done correctly and once completed, you can turn over the task to the person and you have created time for yourself.

Computers are the same way. There are many ways we waste time as a result of poor use of the computer resources such as:

1. Not maintaining the updates creating possible intrusions and slow computing speed
2. Spending time updating your computer when someone else can handle it for you
3. Not backing up your computer causing time issues rebuilding your data after a crash
4. Not monitoring the computer for intrusions causing many different time issues
5. Working on a slow computer (there are many reasons this can happen)

There are many other reasons computers will run slow. With our CAP-IT Program, we handle all this for the computer users – therefore creating time. We know when a computer is running slow, and we fix it for you. We handle your Windows, Flash, Reader and Java updates when you are not using your computer making the system more stable and available to you.

We handle your Antivirus needs and make sure they are up to date and working. Ofter, Antivirus programs stop working and you may or may not know it. We do know it and take care of the issues creating time for you and your staff.
How many times have you thought “I need to back up my computer, but I do not have time”? That is not an issue for us. We back up computers every day and make sure it is done. Even the best Remote Of-Site Backup programs fail. When that happens, we are alerted and will fix the issue. When the time comes, and you need the file restored, it will be there and you will not have to re-create it, saving you time.

If you want to approach the new year with more hours in your day, look at the things that are costing you time and “work smarter” by streamlining your work. Think about the things you do that can be done better or by someone else giving you time to sell or be more productive in other areas.

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